Jansen fasades

We manufacture and install only the highest quality steel Jansen facades that stand out
due to its extraordinary strength, statics and aesthetics.

Jansen fasades

Sports hall ŽatikaJansen facades are dream of every architect and investor, as well as all others who have special aesthetic requirements when it comes to their ideal structure. Thanks to the narrow steel profiles, Jansen facade is solid and static, metal construction is almost invisible, larger panes let more light through thus creating a unique visual experience. Strength of steel, exceptional aesthetics and numerous design options are just some of the reasons why are Jansen facades the first choice of many architects.

We also offer Jansen facade system VISS HI which is characterized by an innovative thermal insulation, then VISS SG with sleek steel profiles and glass surface up to 5 meters thus increasing the natural lightings of the object, and finally, we offer Janisol Arte, facade system, which is, due to discontinuous steel bridge, ideal for renovation of older buildings.

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Sports hall Žatika

Sports hall Žatika a

Facility of sports hall Žatika consists of two main facades, six side facades and three rows of arched roof facades. It was executed with powder coated continuous Jansen facade system. The whole facade was made of a series of unequal glass panes in order to achieve dynamics and playfulness. The facades are equipped with vents for an electric opening and JANSEN door system.

The main entrances are designed as skylights with windshields, all in glass. Glazing is made of tempered and laminated glass. All facades are made of geometrically irregular, asymmetric arches. Statics of verticals has allowed only upper and lower anchoring without creating secondary anchors. JANSEN construction of facade verticals was inserted in the "sandwich" of heavy steel strips and it was connected to one piece with the help of bolted connection, what this structure makes unique, and it was the first facade made this way in Croatia. The works lasted from June to October 2008.

For the Sports hall Žatika, we used Jansen joinery that is the best that you can get of windows and doors made of steel. Visit also: Sports hall Žatika.