Continuous facades

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Continuous facades

It is characterized by continuous aluminum profiles on the surface of the facade. The space between the profiles are called grids or rasters, which can be filled with different types of glass, panels or other materials, depending on the desired aesthetic and functional properties of the building. Fillings are fixed with glass carriers , that are placed on final element that emphasizes the grid.

Different versions of continuous facades can accent horizontal or vertical direction on the surface of the object, i.e., it can emphasize its height or width. In addition, the grids inside the facade can be opened if necessary, windows can be installed that can open around the upper or lower axis, tilted windows, or doors of the corresponding profiles.

Prednosti kontinuiranih fasada

Advantages of continuous facades

Continuous facades cover the entire forefronts of a building or parts of it, and they sometimes preclude the need for other materials such as brick, concrete or plaster.

Thanks to accentuated aesthetics and functionality, quick and easy assembly and affordable price, continuous facade is one of the favorite choices of architects and investors who design modern commercial and private buildings.

Christian community centre, PSC MAN, City Market Kutina are just some of the facilities where we have built in our high quality continuous facades.