Structural glazing facades

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Structural glazing facades

In the case of structural glazing facades, frames are being hung on an aluminum grid structure and they cover facade on the outside.

Glass is being fixed to the aluminum frames (with so called Down Corning bonding technology) and from the outside it looks like it is entirely made of glass.

Aluminum profiles cannot be seen because between the glass there is a minimum distance and the entire aluminum construction is “hidden” behind the glass. Places with windows are different from the rest of the facade.


Advantages of structural glazing facades

Structural glazing facades cover the entire forefront of the object or its parts, and in some cases there is no need for materials such as brick, concrete or plaster. Architects are especially fond of these types of facades because they justify the extraordinary beauty of the building due to the fact thatglass is dominating element.

In addition, thanks to the new technologies and materials, structural glazing facades are not only aesthetically beatiful, but also extremely functional – providing protection from environmental influences and noise, and excellent thermal insulation.