Ventilated and cassette facades

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Ventilated and cassette facades

In the case of cassette facades, we use aluminum panels or sheets, shaped like a cassette. This way we get a flat surface with expresseded joints. They are executed as an independent facade construction or in combination with other facade systems mounted on the wall or substructure.

Cassette facades are extremely popular in new construction of commercial and residential buildings, but they are frequently used in renovations of old and dilapidated facades, because, beside of an additional thermal insulation, they enhance significantly the energy efficiency of buildings.

Ventilated facade is absolute favourite in modern commercial buildings. It consists of a metal structure in which panels are laid, a layer of insulating material (for example, rockwool, or other thermally insulating material), and the space for ventilation which allows the free circulation of air, so that the facade “breathes”.This type of facade is favored in the construction of new and reconstruction of existing buildings, regardless of the climate.

They are longlasting, they protect against weather, humidity, wind, high and low temperatures and they maximize energy saving.

For more information on ventilated and cassette facades visit: Faculty of Textile Technology, Military Ordinariate, Police station Kustošija.