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Aluminium joinery

Regardless of whether you are building a new building or rearrange an old, windows and doors must be flawless when it comes to functionality, durability, quality, safety and aesthetics. You will not go wrong if you choose aluminum joinery from Metal Beneton offer.

Aluminum windows and doors have a number of advantages. They are premium and longlasting, solid and durable, lightweight (lighter than PVC) and they are completely rust-proof. They provide substantial saving of thermal energy, superior sound insulation, and thanks to an extremely smooth surface, they are easy for maintainance. They are also environmentally friendly because aluminum is a natural material that can be recycled.

Aluminium joinery that we offer is suitable for all types of commercial and residential buildings and it is natural choice of interior designers and architects because of its extraordinary features. Since they are extremely beautiful and stylish, Metal Beneton aluminum profiles embellish your home giving it a needed dose of luxury, but also they provide a sophisticated look of your facade.

Complete profile processing and preparation for assembly is done in machining centers or individually on the double-headed nibblers, punch and milling machines as well as on the stations for connecting of the corners.