Glass doors and construction

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Glass doors and construction

In today’s world of interior design glass doors and glass constructions are extremely present. They are chosen by architects, designers and clients who are looking for a modern look for their home, office or building. In many modern buildings glass has completely replaced facade, partitions and doors made of cement, wood or plastic.

Glass doors, that we at Metal Beneton install, are extremely high quality and practical, because they provide a safe and reliable way for closing passages, but also have an aesthetic function because they enhance the appearance of any living or working space and give it the impression of space and size.

An interior door can be with or entirely without bounds, it can be made of tempered, safety, or other types of glass depending on customer requirements.

In addition, we are specialized in making glass shop windows and displays and shelves, as well as glass doors, that can be installed in family homes, shops, shopping centers, offices, public buildings or any other desired objects.

The final product may be a combination of various materials, we fully respect customers’ wishes, adhering to the highest standards in quality fabrication and assembly.