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Kiosks and tollbooths

Size of kiosks, tollbooths and booths at border crossings, depends on the wishes of the client, technical capabilities and purpose.

We offer several types:

  1. Kiosk ZAGOREC (for sale of fruits, vegetables, fast food, pastries, flowers, tobacco products, inquiry kiosks, for handicraft – making keys, lottery tickets, etc.)
  2. Kiosk TISAK
  3. Tollbooths on highways
  4. Border crossings booths
  5. Tollbooths on Istrian Y (highway complex)

Tollbooths on Istrian Y (highway complex)

Production, delivery and installation was carried out according to the new Metal Beneton system and with the use of new generation of european tollbooths with special overpressure effect, which prevents penetration of dirty air of car gasses into the booth with the employee inside thus preserving the health of workers.

The structure is made of special steel profiles, protected from corrosion by powder coating in colour of aluminum joinery of our partner ALUMIL, series M 11000.

Described Metal Beneton booths are located at all exits of the Istrian Y. We installed other various types of booths across the entire Croatia: Ivanja Reka, Zaprešić, Delnice, Slavonski Brod, Lučko, Križ, Rugvica, Ðakovo, Sveta Helena …