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Sun breakers, blinds and shutters

Protection of windows, doors or large surfaces withć sun breakers, blinds and shutters is extremely important for every building, whether it is a residential, sports, business or any other object. Not only it protects us from sun’s rays, but from unwanted views and noise as well. It also provides an additional layer of insulation which is especially important in wintertime.

At Metal Beneton we offer you only the best blinds and shutters for your windows and doors. You can choose between external and internal blinds and those in manual or electric drive, and we can offer you blinds built into the insulated glass on magnetic or electric motor drive. We produce blinds with external and internal shutter boxes, and also manuall or with electric motor drive. The slats of shutters can be made of PVC or aluminum, in this case filled with polyurethane.

On the facade surfaces, there is a need for sun protection with sun breakers.

Sun breakers are aluminum extruded elliptical forms, that are installed horizontally or vertically and can be fixed or driven by electric motor.

With sun breakers from our offer, you can quickly and effectively regulate light and heat in your space, and also protect your building from wind, snow, hail, rain and other environmental factors.