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At all exits across Croatian highways, including highway in Ivanja Reka which is shown in the pictures, but also in Zaprešić, Delnice, Slavonski Brod, Lučko, Križ, Rugvica, Ðakovo, Sveta Helena, there are tollbooths made according to Metal Beneton system.

The construction of tollbooths was made of steel box-profiles, reinforced at the corners because of the potential impact of the cars.

Profiles are joined together by welding and coated with primer.

Floor of the booth is coated on the bottom side with bituminous galvanized sheet metal, and above with hardwood, coated with PVC floor covering. For better insulation, between metal and hardwood there is a layer of thermal insulation and air space.

Window systems are made of galvanized cold rolled BENETON profiles.Glazed parts are made of insulated tempered glass. The roof is made of galvanized sheet metal, ventilated, with minimal decline towards the edges. Aluminum false ceiling was set inside the booth.

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